Letter love

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Some of the first shapes we’re introduced to as a kid are found in letters of the alphabet. Even before we can read we’re exposed to letters. You know, story book covers, wooden blocks, colouring books, etc. I love letters, words, alphabets and languages. There are so many shapes to be found in all of […]

Honoring Hamilton’s Heroes

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Without a lot of people knowing it, there has been a dedicated team who have made it their duty for the past nine years to remind Hamilton’s veterans that they are never forgotten. Inspired by an idea from Hamiltonian and veteran, Ed Mahoney, Greer Gordon and Albert Lieberman¬†began organizing a lunch that welcomed veterans, their […]

On Yukon Time

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Like you, I enjoy traveling. Taking in new experiences with all five senses. I’ve already prepared my list of continents and countries that I’d eventually like to visit. But, before I fly off I want to know my country first. I want to see the landscapes, hear the music and taste the foods that made […]

Growing greens in the garden!

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After months of reading about sustainable living and growing your own food I made it one of my goals this year to grow vegetables and herbs from seed and establish a garden full of plants that I could harvest. One of the other factors that forced me into starting this project was the uncertainty about […]

Bringing Nature Home – Preserving Ontario’s Biodiversity

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Red Baneberry / Actaea rubra Tomorrow I’m picking up plants at the North American Native Plant Society’s annual plant sale. This year one of my goals is to plant more native plants and one thing that gave me the kick in the butt I needed was becoming a member of this organization. I’ve chosen to […]